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Octane Dreams with V8 Supercar Superstar Steve Johnson (Back Seat) - Bathurst, NSW

Quick Overview

  • Extremely Limited Availability - Only 2 dates 9th / 10th Feb 2015 ONLY. Book Now!
  • 4 Laps driving a V8 race car around Bathurst
  • 2 BACK seat Hot Laps with Steve Johnson driving
  • In-car USB drive recording
  • Framed Photo, Cap & Shirt
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Experience the world of Bathurst up close and personal as you enjoy a pit side breakfast with Steve Johnson, then put your driving to the test for 4 laps as you sit behind the wheel before getting strapped in for 2 heart-pumping hot laps driven by Steve Johnson. Get ready for the exhilarating experience of your life!

Kick start this unique experience and enjoy a pit side breakfast with Steve Johnson as he shares his Bathurst experiences. Get inspired and ask the questions you have always wanted to know about professional race car driving and Bathurst. Then it’s enough chatting and onto the main event – time for you to get behind the wheel!

Feel the adrenalin rise as you step into a full race suit and helmet and slide into the driver’s seat of a fully prepared V8 race car. Take in the fumes of petrol and the growl of the engine as you put the key in the ignition and bring this incredible machine to life. With your professional instructor in the passenger’s seat ready to give advice to ensure you get the most out of your drive, you will embark on four thrilling laps around Bathurst. This is one experience you need to complete to believe, so book your space now!

When you pull back into the pits we will give you a moment to catch your breath before strapping you into the back seat with Steve Johnson at the wheel! Hold on tight as the car takes off on two insane adrenalin-pumping hot laps around Bathurst. We guarantee you will stumble from the car with an ear-to-ear grin and a new perspective on the profession of race car driving!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better you will receive a framed photo, an in-car USB video of your drive, a polo shirt and a cap as a memento of this breathtaking experience? So what are you waiting for? Spaces are limited so book yours today!

Duration - Starting time is 7:00am.
Please allow 5 hours for the entire experience.
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You will potentially be travelling at high speeds in a race car which is a physical challenge and may place you under G forces far more significant than a road car can generate, within this environment you may be shaken within your seat.

Automatic and Manual Cars available.

You must have a Current "P" Plates or full drivers licence to drive and you need to be over 18 years and over.

Q: Is there a height and weight restriction?
A: There is a height restriction of approximately 6.7” and also a weight restriction of 135kg

Q: Can friends and family come down and watch the drive?
A: Spectators are more than welcome to come and share in this great experience.

Q: Are the cars automatic or Manual?
A: Both automatic & manual cars are available.

Q: Do you need a full driver’s license to participate?
A: No, to be able to drive as long as you hold your ‘P’ plates or equivalent that is fine. International Drivers licenses can also be used so long as they are recognised in Australia – please enquire if you are unsure.

Q: If my license is suspended can I still drive?
A: You can, however you must bring proof you have held your license on the day of your booking. A simple letter from the local Automobile body (must include your license number) should suffice.