Party invitations serve a function by informing your guests of the party details and also help in forming the first impression of your event. A well presented and attractive invitation sets the scene for a successful party. Ideally, you should choose an invitation with a design that matches the overall theme of your party. While you can have the party information printed onto the invitations, a handwritten message is far more personal is usually appreciated. For a child’s birthday party, it is often best to distribute the invitations yourself with the assistance of your child, rather than using the postal service.

You can find a wide range of quality party invitations at your closest party supply store, or online at a number of quality retailers.


Decorations are crucial for any great kid’s party, simply because they set the atmosphere and stimulate the imagination of all the children in attendance. Quite often, you will choose a theme for the decorations at a birthday party. Rather than choosing yourself, you should ask your child what they would prefer – it is their birthday after all! Once you have chosen a theme, you can really let your creative abilities run wild as you transform your home into a whole new world for the party goers.

All good party supply stores will stock any decorations you could possibly need. They will also be able to offer you some practical tips on how you can achieve the best results when decorating your home for a party.


When the food at a party is good, it will be something that your guests will remember for a long time to come. This is one aspect of a kid’s party you definitely want to get right – there is nothing worse than hungry kids running riot! Traditionally, party food has been full of fat and sugar. Understandably, parents have begun to dislike the idea of their children eating food like this and there has been a move towards healthier party food being served.

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