Why You Should Travel Light and Give Everything Else To Your Removalist



From homes to cities and countries – the average person will move more than once in his or her lifetime. It’s always best to travel light during every move and hire a reputable removalist to take charge of the whole moving out/moving in process, from packing belongings in your old home to arranging everything in your new one. Here are reasons why.


They will help keep your sanity intact.


Looking after children, pets, and other family members while trying to plan and pack for a move can be extremely stressful and will definitely test your temper. Letting your removalist take care of all the arrangements frees up your time and energy so you can focus on loved ones who demand your attention.


They are experts at what they do.

With hundreds of moves under their belt, a reputable removalist can do in days tasks that could take you weeks to finish.They have all the knowledge and experience to transport all your belongings from Point A to Point B without forgetting, losing, or breaking anything.


They have the right gear for the job.


Hiring a van or using the family car and rounding up all your friends and relatives to load up everything they can in whatever way possible may seem like a more affordable alternative to hiring removalists, but do think about it: it will be more expensive if your car gets scratched and if any of your possessions (think gadgets, furniture, and other fragile items) get broken along the way. The right removalists will have the right vehicle and tools to do the job for you. These are your valuables, after all, and they deserve to be handled with care.


They have comprehensive insurance policies.


If you attempt to move on your own and something goes wrong along the way – a box might be lost in transit or the entertainment system gets broken in pieces – your insurance policy might not be enough to compensate for the loss or damage. Even worse, you may not have insured your belongings and you will need to shell out money from your own pocket to replace these items.


A trusted removalist has all the relevant insurance policies to cover for any untoward incidents.


They would know your new city like the back of their hands.


Navigating a new city while trying to be on top of all your belongings can be frustrating, time consuming, and a waste of energy. An excellent removalist will know all the fastest and safest routes to move all your things into your new home safely.  

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, seize the opportunity to make the most out of this fresh chapter in your life. Have the courage to incorporate new furniture pieces, shake up the decor of your living room, utilise space creatively. Traveling light, after all, means leaving the past behind and embracing the new and the unknown. The possibilities are endless, so go for it!

12 Fun Things in Sydney You DID NOT Know About


When it comes to exploring Sydney, have you been feeling that you’ve “been there, done that”? Don’t write off this glorious city just yet – there are fun, quirky things to do that you most probably haven’t heard of yet.


  1. Have a bubble soccer tournament


Now if bubble soccer doesn’t sound fun to you, we don’t know what does! Gather all your mates and play soccer in a giant inflatable bubble. We’re saying it again: Giant. Inflatable. Bubble. Play at any of Bubble Soccer Sydney’s locations around the Olympic Park and Silverwater or they can come to you at a venue or park of your choice.


  1. Let it all hang loose


South of the harbour, between South Head and Camp Cove, is Lady Jane Beach has a designated nude bathing area where you can sit back and enjoy scenic views…of the harbour.


With its nature trails, bird watching, and whale watching activities, it’s a great destination to go to when you want a quick nature fix but don’t have the time to drive out of town.


  1. Throw an axe like a viking


Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet for all that pent-up stress or searching for a new sport, Maniax offers lessons in competitive axe throwing. Enlist for an individual coaching session or compete against your friends and see who emerges as the best axe thrower. Now, where do we sign up?


  1. Bounce like it’s going out of style


Alexandria’s Sky Zone Trampoline Park will bring out your inner child, guaranteed. There are 100 interconnected trampolines that let you literally bounce off the walls. Enjoy features such as the The Big Bag – a giant inflatable pit with a sea of foam. Jump, flip, and fly without fear. P.S. – there are 30 indoor climbing walls, too.


  1. Go on a chocolate frenzy


Chocolate is always a good idea. When in Sydney, go on a chocolate walking tour and discover the city’s best chocolatiers.Learn things like how chocolate is produced and how the different cacao percentages affect the taste of the chocolate. Best of all, you will sample chocolate from all the venues you visit.


  1. Dance like nobody’s watching


No Lights No Lycra offers casual free-form dance classes in a dimly-lit room for the pure joy of dancing. Boogie, swing, do the running man, or shake your bon-bon without worrying what you look like or if you’ve got all the right moves. All that matters is that you dance at your own pace and have fun.


  1. Yoga on a paddleboard


Yogis, take your yoga moves to another level and do your sun salutations on a paddleboard. Manly Kayak Centre offers basic paddling lessons with yoga techniques and stretching movements for a stronger core.


  1. Turn Japanese


Have a picture taken at Auburn Botanic Gardens will leave people wondering whether you’re in Sydney or in Tokyo. For a more authentic Japanese experience, visit the park in late May for the Autumn Colours Festival and August for the Cherry Blossom Festival.


  1. Um, see something really strange


UNSW’s Museum of Human Disease contains over 3,000 specimens of diseased organs collected for study. The objective is to encourage people to adopt a healthuer lifestyle – and seeing a cyst with wayward teeth and hair should do the trick.


  1. Learn art differently


Throw everything you know about art school out of the window. Join Dr Sketchy’s for fun-filled evening drawing burlesque performers, cabaret singers and vintage models, all in elaborate, over-top costumes, in a cabaret setting. Happening Tuesdays fortnightly at ArtHouse Hotel.


  1. Pose by Wedding Cake Rock


Located within Sydney National Park, this sandstone rock formation resembles a slice of a wedding cake is a popular spot for photos.


  1. Play Dodgeball


Dodgeball fanatics, it’s time to get out of the woodwork – Dodgeball Sydney hosts Australia’s largest dodgeball community, catering to mixed teams of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or a die-hard enthusiast, there’s a league for you and your mates.

Top Things You Must Do When You Arrive in Melbourne

Whether you’re a tourist on week-long stay or have just relocated, there are a lot of things to see, taste, and experience in Melbourne, one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Here are our favourites.


  1. Savor a cup of coffee


Melbourne takes its coffee seriously, and coffee lovers are in for a treat. Professional baristas will happily discuss the wonders of different machines and coffee beans while creating your brew.


  1. Discover Melbourne’s outlaws


Built in the 1800s, Old Melbourne Gaol is one of Melbourne’s oldest buildings and definitely a must-see attraction, especially for the history aficionados. Have a feel of a place where some of Australia’s most infamous criminals were held, including bushranger Ned Kelly and notorious gangster Squizzy Taylor.


  1. Spend a day out by the beach


Picture-perfect Brighton Beach  is famous for colourful bathing boxes along the beach set against the city skyline. There are windsurfing, yachting, boating, and cycling facilities as well as a barbecue and a play area; relax to your heart’s content.


  1. Swim back in time


If you’re not in the mood for ocean adventures, the Melbourne City Baths has a modern 30m indoor heated lap pool housed in a beautiful Federation building which has been the site of public baths for more than 100 years.


  1. Make an epic jump


Skydive the Beach and Beyond Melbourne offer tandem skydives. Jump from up to 14,000 feet above Melbourne and Saint Kilda and feel an adrenaline rush that you won’t forget in a long while.


  1. Soak up public art


Art is everywhere in Melbourne; all you have to do is walk along the city’s streets and along the Yarra river to get an upclose and personal look at public artworks. Don’t miss The Travellers along Queensbridge St, Sandridge Bridge, a steel sculpture that represents the journey of migrants from around the world to the state; Union Lane off Bourke St Mall, one of Melbourne’s most popular street art sites; and Proximities along Batman Ave, William Barak Bridge, a corridor of voice recordings of people from the 53 Commonwealth nations represented in Australia.


  1. Go on a market day

Operating since 1864, Prahran Market has a wide selection of heirloom produce and hard to find specialties, cheeses, small goods, artisan products, organic fruit and vegetables, beef, pork, poultry and game, fresh sustainable fish, seafood, shellfish, and crustaceans in stock.


  1. See wildlife in their natural habitat


Right in the heart of Yarra Valley, Healesville Sanctuary is  a 30-hectare haven where you can have unique close-up encounters with some of Australia’s iconic wildlife, including koalas, kangaroos, wombats, emus, dingoes, birds of prey and platypus. End the day in one of Yarra Valley’s excellent restaurants and wine cellars.


  1. Listen to live music


Melbourne has  a vibrant independent music, and you can catch an act any night of the week Whether you’re into EDM, club, or jazz, there’s a top-notch musician performing it across the city. Check out Melbourne’s free street papers for venues and schedules.


  1. Visit an oasis on the city


Take a breather from all the activities and enjoy some quiet time on Melbourne Gardens, home to amazing and diverse plant collections such as camellias, rainforest flora, succulents and cacti, roses, Californian species, herbs, perennials, cycads and plants from Southern China.


Activities such as the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, Garden Discovery Tour, a ride on the Garden Explorer or paddling along the tranquil Ornamental Lake will delight visitors of all ages.